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America is filled with companies that struggle to connect with their customers. We believe there is a better way. That's affordable.
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Digital Marketing for businesses in and around Orange County. We help you scale revenue by driving more calls, emails, and website visitors daily. For your business growth, we use email marketing, social media, digital advertising, and can help you with your CRM. Clear Business Group is home to a qualified team of digital marketing experts and Salesforce Certified Professionals.

More About Why

Passion is a motivator

My name is Mike, a solopreneur in Orange County, California. (LinkedIn) I’m what some might call a Marketing Technologist. Back in the day, I’ve held simultaneous titles of Director of IT & Marketing. Luckily for me, over the past decade marketing and technology have meshed together, and I certainly love it.


I started Clear Business Group to help small businesses grow using whatever creative means are available. I’ve always believed that ignoring Online Marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone.


I was an early adopter of Google Ads, Facebook Business Pages, and Instagram Marketing. I’ve always been a change agent, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity of helping your company grow with affordable strategies. Rest assured, to conquer the needs for whatever may come my way, I do have a group of ninjas that work for me to achieve success for our clients.


A fair deal – both sides win.
Sure, we are really good at Salesforce, digital advertising, SEO, and building out email marketing automation, but what’s most important is that you are getting more revenue.

More About What

Data-driven marketing

We are online veterans who are compelled to solve problems via new media and technology. We use the latest digital marketing technologies to help you find new customers. We’ll help you crush it in your industry.


The process is simple… we’ll take an objective look at your businesses and question everything. Then, through collaboration, create the most solid form of online brand expression that will drive new business. It’s not magic – it’s experience, it’s creativity – it’s hustle.


We play well with others and can work alongside your marketing team, Operations, IT manager, or we can handle it all. Outsourcing your marketing is easy.

Social Media

Website Design

Pay Per Click Ads

Email Marketing



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I'm Convinced! How Do I Get Started?

Is Clear Business Group Really That Good?

Hey, don’t take it from us. Hear what some of our amazing clients have to say.


We hired Clear Business Group to work with us on a few marketing projects. Mike is 100% reliable and dependable. He absolutely knows all the ins and outs of the marketing technology landscape and is such a great help to us. I highly recommend them.

– Roger

Where do we start… we always get reliable service from Mike. He’s running our Digital Marketing for two businesses. Everything from website design & maintenance, Pardot, Salesforce, and more. Mike is dependable and trustworthy.

– Jeff

Mike/Clear Business Group helped us with social media, ppc advertising and website work. Mike is a true professional and always willing to go the extra mile.

– Helen

We first hired Clear Business Group to help us go from an old CRM to Salesforce. Mike championed that project under budget and did a great job. Next, we hired him to build a few websites for our projects. Job well done.

– Chris

I brought Mike/Clear Business Group in for various digital marketing projects. He never lacks creativity and is someone I can always count on. Mike’s skill set is vast and it’s a pleasure working with him.

– Dina

I brought Mike/Clear Business Group in to fix some issues with Salesforce and train my reps. He got the job done quickly and accurately. We can’t wait to work with him again.

– SV

No Long-Term Contracts

We’re a small shop delivering big agency results

Digital Marketing Huh? Spell It Out Exactly.

You asked for it – You got it.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain exposure on the Internet.

We’ll create a plan to increase your likes, followers and get more engagement. Why? That’s how you start. Next, we’ll reach your target market, generate qualified leads, build loyalty and increase your market share. Social Media is highly beneficial for B2C and B2B. After all, it’s just human to human.


If you’re not marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram then you are simply missing out.


Wait – Does Social Media Marketing Really Have An ROI? >>

Website Design

We offer affordable web design for small businesses and solopreneurs. Maintenance plans too!

Let’s make a statement with a new, mobile-friendly website. We’ll build you a website that will look great on a laptop, desktop, and a smartphone.


More people are using mobile to shop and it’s crucial that your website functions well on a mobile device. Did you know? 58% of phone callers first went to the company’s website to try to resolve their issue.


Your customers expect answers on your website, full contact information, and a clear list of products or services. Do you need a new site or a refresh?

Pay Per Click

PPC Advertising instantly delivers targeted traffic to your website. Exclusive leads.

We discover your keywords and then use those to advertise on Google and Facebook to attract qualified buyers. We manage the technical and creative aspects for you, which includes setup, ad creation, creative copywriting and managing the day to day nuances of running ad campaigns.


Pay per clicks ads are what you see on top of Google search results and in your Facebook feed. We can get you there. The cost per click and daily spend are completely transparent and you actually own the account.

Email Marketing

Did you know? 89% of marketers consider their email marketing strategy successful.

Let’s face it – we all get too many emails, but that doesn’t change the fact that email marketing is still a powerful way to boost your business. Even on a tight budget. With email service providers like Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, we can nurture your leads with highly engaging emails that people will actually want to read.


Many emails are deleted while people stand in line at Starbucks going through their inbox. We’ll create emails with catchy subject lines and hyper-relevant topics. We know how to get emails opened.


5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses >>

Salesforce Consulting

We do Salesforce Consulting in Irvine, Newport Beach, and all over Orange County.

No job too small. Our customers usually have 1 to 10 Salesforce users. We specialize in small, quick implementations for businesses with smaller budgets.


With Salesforce CRM you can track all the right information and convert more leads into paying customers. Sales Reps can see all their accounts, contacts, deals, and tasks in a single place. Even on their phone! Close deals faster.


Salesforce Consulting, Implementation, Development, and Training services offered.


Salesforce For My Business – Is It A Wise Investment? >>


For B2B Marketing Automation, we recommend Pardot as the best customizable platform.

Cars aren’t the only things driving themselves in 2018. Marketing automation is giving businesses of all sizes and industries a chance to give marketing efforts a hands-free approach. Pardot is a highly sophisticated marketing automation tool owned by Salesforce that helps marketers create more leads, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.


With Pardot, you’ll see results at every stage of the sales process, from click to close and beyond.  See how, for your business, marketing automation can help.


Getting Started with Marketing Automation >>

Common Questions

Enquiring minds want to know

I’m a digital marketer too – and I need some guidance. Can you help me?

Yes! You might be interested in a Marketing Strategy Consulting session.


I’ve been doing this for so long and I had some really good mentors and experts in the past that helped me through some challenges.


This is a 60-minute screen sharing session to review your current marketing efforts, discuss current digital marketing trends, and go over your strategies. Check it out >>

How much will Salesforce cost me?

Salesforce has prices on their website. There are a few choices and I usually choose the Professional edition which runs approximately $75/user/month (billed annually). This is for your yearly license that you pay directly to Salesforce. Consulting and Implementation fees are a wide-range depending on a few variables. Get in touch for more information.

Are you a good fit for my business?

Depends. This is a question we answer right at the beginning. The first order of business is to discover if we make a good team. If we can’t help you get what you’re looking for, then we’ll tell you up front.

Pay-Per-Click sounds expensive. Is it?

It can be but it’s all relative. Your campaigns are always accessible and funded directly. You’re automatically charged after your ads run, either 30 days after your last automatic charge or when you reach a preset amount (known as your threshold), whichever comes first. You can also make payments at any time to control your costs.


We work with companies with advertising budgets from $1,000 to $2,000 monthly. That is what you pay to Google or Facebook for clicks. Our management of your ad campaigns is a separate fee. Minimum charge $1k/mo.

This seems like it will cost too much and take too much of my time. Right?

Respectfully, what is the cost of doing nothing? Can you afford not to do this?

Are you a fractional CMO?

I can be an extension of your existing marketing department and work with your team as an added hand. Alternatively, I have worked for companies as their only resource for marketing. Some companies like an outsider’s perspective on new or existing campaigns. A sort of whack on the side of the head – creatively speaking.

I wear too many hats. Can you help?

We work right along side of you and can handle specific projects or help you conceptualize new campaigns. This can also buy you time in hiring a new employee.

How do I get started?

Glad you asked. Just fill out the contact form real quick and we’ll get in touch.

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