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About Us

Conceptualize. Design. Perform. Optimize.

What We Do

Clear Business Group is a small shop delivering big agency results. You don’t need to spend a fortune to compete in your market. We provide solutions for Salesforce & Digital Marketing. With one call, you’ll get a partner that is dedicated to customer service, responsive, and keeps you informed. We’ll never leave you in the dark… that’s the worst.

We do 4 things to help you with 3 things. Sounds simple, but hear us out. The path to your success starts with planning. First, we’ll conceptualize a strategy. Then, we design it. Here’s where the fun part comes in and we perform and execute the said strategy. Finally, in order to scale, we will review and optimize.

Now here’s where the 3 things for you come in… we want to help you retain your current accounts, grow current accounts, and acquire new accounts. Woohoo!

Get just the right amount of support you need. We can either work alongside your staff or provide a full 360° level of support for digital marketing, automation and Salesforce. Our objectives are to help you convert prospects into paying customers and develop customer retention campaigns. We believe success is found by tracking leads from click to close, and managing customer relationships in a good CRM, like Salesforce.

We’ve been running digital marketing campaigns since the early days of Facebook and Google ads. Through the years we’ve learned what works – what doesn’t. We’re not magicians, and we don’t sell false hype. To make your business a revenue-driving machine, we use experience, innovation and hustle.

No Long-Term Contracts here. We keep it simple; month to month plans with On-Demand services.

How We Do It

How Can We Help?

    Clear Business Group

    4225-H Oceanside Blvd #247
    Oceanside, CA 92056

    Serving San Diego & Orange County

    We work 8-5, Monday-Friday. And on weekends if the price is right.

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    Certified Professionals

    Only trust your Salesforce implementation and company data to certified admins.

    Here For You

    There’s a level of commitment that nobody cares about but you. We get that. We’ll tap into your passion to support your business growth. Oh, BTW, here are 5 reasons people choose Clear Business Group.

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