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Who we are & what we do - in 58 seconds. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/435061728   We’re not magicians, and we don’t sell false hype. To make your business a revenue-driving machine, we use experience, innovation and hustle. Salesforce Certified Administrator |…

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What is Marketing Myopia?

Marketing myopia. It’s a term that definitely seems ominous. But what does it mean exactly? It was coined by a Harvard Marketing Professor in the 1960’s to describe a company’s short-term focus on their own products over their customer’s wants…

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How to Use Google Autocomplete

We've all experienced it - you start typing in Google Search and predictions start to appear. Once again, good ole' Google is coming through for us. This time it's through their feature known as Autocomplete. Autocomplete makes it faster to…

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How You Know When Your CRM is Outdated

CRM systems are the bread and butter of many companies. Their ability to organize and streamline interactions with customers and help keep your business functioning efficiently make them invaluable. But is your CRM firing on all cylinders? Here’s how you…

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The Best Time To Send Emails

Hey email marketers, Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take all the guesswork out of sending emails? Instead of clicking send and crossing your fingers, you could pick a time knowing you’d get the most bang (er, clicks) for…

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