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How to Use Google Autocomplete

We've all experienced it - you start typing in Google Search and predictions start to appear. Once again, good ole' Google is coming through for us. This time it's through their feature known as Autocomplete. Autocomplete makes it faster to…

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Two Great Ways to Close More Deals

Need that extra little boost to get your numbers up just that much higher? Good news for you: we’ve got two great ways to close more deals than you do already. Here’s how you can boost your sales in no…

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The Best Time To Send Emails

Hey email marketers, Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take all the guesswork out of sending emails? Instead of clicking send and crossing your fingers, you could pick a time knowing you’d get the most bang (er, clicks) for…

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Emoji in Email Subject Lines: Yes or No?

When it comes to communicating over the internet, the simple text-based smiley face no longer cuts it. Today, thanks to the rise of the emoji, it’s easier than ever to get your point across in fun, colorful, and entertaining ways.…

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Vertical Video is Here to Stay

Quick: what did the last video you watched on social media look like? Was it recorded on a smartphone? If it was, it’s a safe bet that it was shot vertically. It’s easier, it’s iconic, and — best of all…

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3 Ways AI is Changing Marketing in 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting better and more advanced every year. In 2019 it's been making some really big waves when it comes to how we do business, and there’s no knowing where the buck is going to stop at…

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