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The Best Time To Send Emails

Hey email marketers, Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take all the guesswork out of sending emails? Instead of clicking send and crossing your fingers, you could pick a time knowing you’d get the most bang (er, clicks) for…

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Emoji in Email Subject Lines: Yes or No?

When it comes to communicating over the internet, the simple text-based smiley face no longer cuts it. Today, thanks to the rise of the emoji, it’s easier than ever to get your point across in fun, colorful, and entertaining ways.…

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How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

At this point in the digital revolution, you may have heard that you can’t afford not to invest in email marketing. B2B marketers claim that email is three times more effective than social media marketing and returns $38 for every $1 invested. But let’s…

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Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Cars aren’t the only things driving themselves these days. Marketing automation is giving businesses of all sizes and industries a chance to give marketing efforts a hands-free approach. Marketing automation has been around for a few years, yet many companies…

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