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The Art Of Digital Marketing

I’ve been in digital marketing for over 18 years – take advantage of what I’ve learned:

Why are you here? I get it – sometimes you can get overwhelmed and with nobody to bounce your ideas off of, it’s a bit stressful. I’ve been doing this for so long and I had some really good mentors and experts in the past that helped me through some challenges. It’s a lonely road when you have unanswered questions and concerns about your digital marketing plans.


That’s why I’m offering a 60-minute one-on-one screen sharing session to review your current marketing efforts, discuss current digital marketing trends, and pinpoint the best strategies that can work for your business and budget.


This direct session is only $295 (20% savings) and is only available for a limited time.

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What’s at stake? If you’re running marketing for your own clients then you need to get the most bang for their buck, right?


  • Are you up on all the latest tools?
  • Do you know the best place to host your website?
  • Do you have questions about working with WordPress or Squarespace?
  • Are you having a hard time getting traction with a new account? Maybe your own – maybe a client.
  • Can you drive quality traffic that brings in quality leads?


In this 60-minute screen sharing session, we go over your questions about digital marketingmarketing technologywebsite development, and anything else you’re working on.


You’re in control to ensure you get the most out of every minute of our session.


I spend thousands of dollars a year to stay current on all the latest and greatest trends in our industry. You can learn the highlights that I’ve compiled from conferences like Dreamforce and Social Media Marketing World.


As a result, you get the benefit of countless hours of research and training from an expert who can put this knowledge to work for your unique business goals.

This limited time offer is just $295. Book a Session Now.

I'm Mike

I'm a Marketing technologist in Orange County, California.


America is filled with companies that struggle to connect with their customers. We believe there is a better way. I started CBG to help small businesses grow using whatever creative means are available.


We use the latest digital marketing technologies to help you find new customers. We’ll help you crush it in your industry. The process is simple… we’ll take an objective look at your businesses and question everything.


This is a limited time offer so I encourage you to act now.

Do you want to know how I organically grew my

Instagram account to over 20k followers? I’ll tell you.